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Monitorização de Paciente

Monitorização de Paciente

Bedside monitors continuously display vital signs such as ECG (electrocardiogram), body temperature, SpO2 (arterial oxygen saturation), and NIBP (non-invasive blood pressure). These devices are deployed in various medical settings such as operating rooms, intensive care units, and general wards. Nihon Kohden offers a wide range of bedside monitors, from simple monitors for family doctors to in-hospital transport monitors and advanced monitoring systems with centralized monitoring functions.

Central monitors can observe multiple patients' vital signs data at a time, and can review each patient's data for certain days.

Monitor Beira de Leito

  • Life Scope G7 CSM-1700 thumbnail image
    Life Scope G7 CSM-1700 series
    Designed to be a new concept platform of bedside monitoring. Nihon Kohden's unique sensing technologies are integrated in the monitor.
  • Life Scope G5 CSM-1500 thumbnail image
    Life Scope G5 CSM-1500 series
    Designed to be a new concept platform of bedside monitoring. Nihon Kohden's unique sensing technologies are integrated in the monitor.
  • Life Scope PT BSM-1700 thumbnail image
    Life Scope PT BSM-1700 series
    Superior transportability.
  • Life Scope VS BSM-3000 thumbnail image
    Life Scope VS BSM-3000 series
    Intelligible fluid optimization for reducing the risk of complications.
  • Vismo PVM-4000 series thumbnail image
    Vismo PVM-4000 series
    Easy operation with illustrated tutorials.
  • Bedside Monitor SVM-7500/7600 series thumbnail image
    SVM-7500/7600 series
    Easy to use for all. High quality provides peace of mind.
  • Vital Signs Monitor SVM-7100/7200 series thumbnail image
    SVM-7100/7200 series
    Especially designed for spot check monitoring to reduce the workload of caregiver.

Transmissor de Sinais Vitais

  • Life Scope G3 GZ-130P thumbnail image
    Life Scope G3 GZ-130P
    Portable vital signs telemetry monitor for seamless monitoring.

Bedside Monitor Options

  • Neuro unit AE-920P thumbnail image
    Neuro Unit AE-920P
    Measures EEG at bedside. Operation is quite simple when used in combination with an EEG headset.
  • NMT Module AF-101P thumbnail image
    NMT Module AF-101P
    Ideal performance for muscle relaxation monitoring.
  • Hemodynamic Unit AP-170P thumbnail image
    Hemodynamic Unit AP-170P
    All-in-one comprehensive hemodynamics solution

Monitores Centrales

  • Central Monitor CNS-6201 thumbnail image
    Supports care-givers with appropriate alarm management and flexible data management.
  • Central Monitor CNS-9101 thumbnail image
    Flexible and cost-effective central monitoring

Enterprise Gateway

  • Enterprise Gateway International thumbnail image
    Smart, safe, secure. Enables remote monitoring to react to the patient's deterioration rapidly.
thumbnail accessories and consumables

Accessories and Consumables

Human Machine Interface, which is the user interface that connects human and machine, is very important for visualizing processes inside the body. Nihon Kohden develops and produces many important accessories and consumables like sensors and electrodes.


Safer monitoring

thumbnail safer monitoring

Patient safety is a way to ensure that the people undergoing medical care are safe. There are various initiatives such as safe operation of medical equipment and staff education. We Nihon Kohden are also focusing on building an environment where patients can concentrate on treatment with peace of mind through medical devices and systems, and an environment where staff can respond quickly without missing patient alerts.

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Innovative Technologies

Nihon Kohden has developed innovative and unique technologies that contribute to progress in medical care.  We boldly take on new challenges, maintaining a keen eye for detail as we keep in mind the spirit of the founder.


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Clinical Sites

Nihon Kohden’s mission is to utilize its leading-edge technology and products to support medical treatment in all clinical areas from emergency response to testing, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.