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Neuro unit AE-920P hero image
Neuro unit AE-920P hero image
Quick and simple EEG monitoring

Neuro unit

Neuro unit



  • Since there are only two buttons (power/start) on the EEG headset, the operation is quite simple and error-free.
  • Just apply the EEG headset with disposable electrodes attached beforehand to a patient’s head. Anyone can do it. Thanks to the headset’s flexible arms, it fits various shapes of patient heads.
  • The bedside monitor displays various helpful information on the screen, including visual fitting guidance and status information such as the battery and electrode status of the headset. 
  • “EEG Trend graph” enables quick data review with various trend data including raw waveforms.
Neuro unit AE-920P image 01


Neuro unit AE-920P image 02


  • By using Bluetooth® communication, the patient does not need to be surrounded by cables. This is ideal for an ER/ICU setting where many cables from several medical devices are connected to the patient’s body, creating a nuisance for the medical staff attending to the patient.


  • The built-in active amplifier reduces external noise.
  • The built-in motion sensor makes it easier to distinguish a seizure wave from noise caused by motion.

Bluetooth is a trademark of the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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Acessórios e Consumíveis

Interface Homem Máquina interface de usuário  conecta o humano e a máquina , é muito importante  para visualização dos processos internos no corpo. Nihon Kohden desenvolve e fabrica acessórios importantes como sensores e eletrodos.