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Central Monitor CNS-9101 hero image
Central Monitor CNS-9101 hero image
For advanced monitoring

Central Monitor

Central Monitor


Flexible and cost-effective central monitoring

  • It can be configured to fit the facility's situation with monitoring from 16 to a maximum of 48 people.
  • Display configuration possibilities per screen.

Smoother patient care

  • Simple and fast operation allows you to focus on your patient for better care
  • To see more information or change a setting, just click the data area for the patient or parameter.
  • Five function keys at the bottom of the screen give you instant access to frequently used functions.

Supports decision-making

  • Review screens are time synchronized, so you can quickly switch to different views of the same event.
  • View an alarm or arrhythmia event in the past 5 days as full disclosure, trend graph or numeric data.
  • Synchronized review gives  more detailed information to help you provide better care for your patients.