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cardiolife TRN-3100 hero image

Training unit



With this AED training unit, you can demonstrate the entire rescue from attaching the deýbrillation pads to the patient to pressing the shock button.

  • The instructor can use the remote controller for more flexible use.
  • Even though there is a “shock delivered” voice message when you press the shock button, the training unit does not discharge any energy.
  • There are five rescue scenarios for possible events during the rescue.
  • The training unit has a demonstration mode to show how the AED operates during rescue.
  • By switching the adult or child mode, rescue training for both adult and child patients can be performed.
  • Voice Prompt: Multi Language 


American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC/European Resuscitation Guidelines

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Accessories and Consumables

Human Machine Interface, which is the user interface that connects human and machine, is very important for visualizing processes inside the body. Nihon Kohden develops and produces many important accessories and consumables like sensors and electrodes.